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Building Surveys

Formally called the Structural Survey, the Building Survey is a very detailed inspection providing a thorough, comprehensive and informative report.

We pride ourselves in the surveying services we offer, we do not produce tick-box reports full of generic clauses so often produced by surveyors.

Each property is thoroughly surveyed inside and out. Reports are spiral-bound, in colour with photographs and illustrated including descriptions of any technical terms used with advice notes.

The survey is detailed taking several hours to complete at the property. The report covers all aspects of the property inside and out.

The survey report gives specific advice and outlines defects with recommendations for repair set out in a clear and easy to read report including photographs and illustrations where necessary with a full explanation of any technical terms used.

The construction of the property will be fully identified and all visible defects will be inspected and reported upon and where possible, the cause diagnosed and recommendations for repair will be given. Estimated budget costs for repairs can also be included if required.

What are the benefits?

  • Know the condition of the property before you commit to legal purchase
  • Possible negotiation of a lower price
  • Know how the property was built and if there are any major defects
  • Be forewarned about any anticipated future problems the property could develop
  • Know what repair work will need to be done over the coming years
  • Ability to plan for future repairs and expenditure